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Please note that STS Surgeons, PLLC (“STS”) will be discontinuing its practice as of October 11, 2022 (the “Termination Date”). At such time, the following practitioners employed and engaged by STS (collectively, the “Providers”) will no longer be available to provide medical services to patients through STS:

Bruce Applebaum, M.D.                                Polina Litvin, M.D.

James Chohonis, M.D.                                  Dan Nelson, D.O.

Al Chorens, M.D.                                              Rees Porta, M.D.

Elaine Cleveland, M.D.                                 Jeff Rhea, M.D.

Neil Grieshop, M.D.                                       John Sanders, M.D.

Jason Hiles, M.D.                                           Andy Shay, M.D.

Robert Houston, M.D.                                 Avery Walker, M.D.

Elizabeth Lawrance, M.D.                         Matthew Williams, M.D.

This notice is being sent in accordance with the responsibility of STS under Texas law to notify its patients of the discontinuation of its practice. As a patient, you have several rights. It is your choice to (a) seek professional medical care at a new facility, location, and/or with a new provider, and (b) request that your medical records be transferred to a designated recipient.

Prior to the Termination Date, STS will maintain custody over your medical records. If you would like to take custody over your medical records or arrange for your medical records to be transferred to a designated recipient, please contact us phone at (915) 591-2000.

Any medical records still in the possession of STS as of the Termination Date will be transferred to Sun City Records Management. Sun City Records Management can be contacted (a) via mail at 9230 Billy the Kid Street, El Paso, Texas 79907, Attn: Tyler Cope, (b) by phone at (915) 542-3030, and/or (c) by email at

Thank you,

STS Team

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